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Create a Work Order Labor Report

A Work Order Labor Report provides a record of the Labor hours logged within the Work Orders. This guide will demonstrate how to generate a Work Order Labor Report.


  1.  Navigate to Reports > Work Orders > Work Order Labor.
  2. Below are the available report criteria, make the appropriate selections using the drop down menu for each field

    • Date Range
      • The timeframe within the work order was completed or created (dependent on date field selection)
    • Date Field
      • Select between completed date or labor date to populate results based off the completion of a Work Order or when the labor was performed
    • Group By
      • Use this field to group report results by Asset, Group, Labor Contact, Site, Task, Work Order Number, or Work Type
    •  Contact Selection (Optional Field)
      • Generate results for a Contact assigned to a Work Order
    • Task Selection (Optional Field)
      • Filter results by Task
  3.  Select  clipboard_e52fe40462b4881aec3f9d4e14fb93753.png

The report populates based on selected criteria and is displayed above the report and is now available to be exported:



To change any of the report criteria, select clipboard_edd27fde9067f2f76acac8033bf27ffec.png