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Add Labor to a Work Order

The labor hours can be record in the work order manually or labor can be added by clocking in and out of the work order.

  1. Navigate to Work Orders.
  2. Open an already existing work order.
  3. Click the Labor clipboard_eae601838a1963e1f8ddd78c33d95c8ce.png icon.
  4. Click the Add Labor button. A new line is added.
  5. From the Contact drop-down, select the user whose labor is being added. When you add a contact, the labor rate field is automatically populated with information from the contact record, however, you can override this rate if needed.
  6. From the Task Code drop-down, select what type of work is being done.
  7. From the Labor Date calender, select the date the labor was performed. By default, the current date will auto-populate in this section.  
  8. In the Hours field, enter in the amount of time the user used to complete the work order.
  9. From the Budget drop-down, select the budget option.
  10. Click the Save button and your labor input will be complete.

To delete an entry, click the Delete link, and the information will be deleted.


Adding Labor to a Work Order.gif