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Use an Alternate Part on a Work Order

Alternate parts quickly locates other parts that can be used  to continue the work order if the current part is unavailable or if stock is too low. The example below displays a fire extinguisher inspection where 17 safety pins are required, but there are not enough of that part in stock.

Hover over the Alternate Parts clipboard_eb7d80f9555e248b6482c19bb5ef60e4e.png icon, a message displays "You don't have enough of this part. See alternatives".



To use an alternate part, you must first assign an alternate part.


Complete the following steps to use an alternate part:

  1. From a work order, click on the Parts clipboard_ec612decc04a823ef8f37fcf67ebd6f4a.png icon. The Parts tab displays.
  2. Click on the Alternate Parts clipboard_eb7d80f9555e248b6482c19bb5ef60e4e.png icon.
    The Alternate Parts form displays with available parts. The form also indicates the total amount of parts required to complete the work order.
  3. Hover over a part to display the checkbox.
  4. Click on the checkbox. The quantity field displays.
  5. Adjust the quantity by clicking the + or - icons.
  6. Click the Add to work order + button.
    The alternate part is now associated to the work order and parts quantities automatically adjust according to the required amount to complete the work order.


When there are enough stock of alternate parts to replace the original part entirely,  click Replace original part to substitute the entire quantity.