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Inventory Manager Role

 This role is defined as:

  • responsible for monitoring the inventory and determining recommended stocking levels, and ordering parts as needed. 

  • making sure the maintenance staff will have the parts they need, when they need them. Includes Inventory, Purchase Orders, Vendors, Cycle Counts, Assets, WOs, & Reports

Below describes the key responsibilities; the links will take you directly to the relevant articles or follow the learning path to be stepped through the articles.

Area Links


Explore the module to learn how to track your parts and supplies - your consumables, that are used to repair and maintain your assets.


Inventory Import

When you have a large amount of new inventory, manually entering them into the platform one by one is a time-consuming task. Imports can help you cut down on manual entry by using a template that has already been generated for you.


Cycle Counts and Transfers

Explore the modules that are used:

  • Cycle counts are used to audit your inventory levels.
  • Transfers are used to move inventory from one warehouse to another if a part you require is in stock at another warehouse.


Work Companion

This app lets technicians (Full Users or Mobile) review their assigned work, update information, and complete orders. Additionally, the app lets users add inventory into the system.



Explore budgets and budget accounts to understand the hierarchy structure and understand the differences between the budget types.


Purchase Orders

Explore this module to learn how purchase orders can help you have greater control of your inventory management and parts warehousing needs.


Business Intelligence (BI) Reports

Learn how to create reports and dashboards, define permissions, and schedule a report.