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Edit Asset Details

Learn about the Assets Details screen and what can be edited on your asset.

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The asset's details can be viewed and edited.

  1. From the menu, click the Assets module. The Asset Management screen displays.
  2. From the list, click an existing asset and the asset displays.


This screen lets you view and edit the following information:

  • Asset Image
  • Utilization and Accumulating Costs
  • Asset Toolbar
  • Maintenance Plans and Activity Timeline

Asset Image

This lets you upload images of the asset.

Utilization and Accumulating Costs


The Utilization graph displays the usage of the asset.

Accumulating Costs

The Accumulating Costs graph gives you an at-a-glance, view of the accumulating costs of an asset. On the vertical axis it displays the dollar amounts and on the horizontal axis the quarterly dates are listed.


  1. Click on any column to access more information about that particular cost. 

You will then see a monthly breakdown of that time-period, with the cost on the left and the months on the bottom.


  1. Click on any column to access more information about that particular monthly cost.

This displays the breakdown of each cost.


  1.  If you want to see the specifics of each Work Order, you can click on the record and pull up the specifics of that posted cost.

If at any time you need to go back, there is a back arrow clipboard_ee1d2d26168c18ffc0eb9579111f21b92.png icon on the top right.

If you need to enter any missing data, then click the enter missing data here and the panel displays.



Asset Toolbar

The top-right corner contains the asset toolbar, which consists of the following.

Icon Description


View, edit asset details, or duplicate assets.

Asset Details Form Toolbar

This form contains the following icons:

clipboard_eb4d3b6708ac09197f8d7869b080bac82.png View, add, or edit Work Orders
clipboard_e92e1135ba33128fb2d52649e02346bf6.png Enter Meters / Logs

View Components

clipboard_e06af6ddfa53a4afd40203a18af9da956.png Add or remove Part
clipboard_ef431fa95d579bafe839c33ffe196de11.png Active or Deactive Downtime

View Asset Move History

Maintenance Plans and Activity Timeline

The middle section lets you see when the:

  • Last PM was completed
  • Last Unscheduled Work
  • Last Inspection
  • Open Work Orders

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans lets you add new plans or you can create work orders for existing plans.


This is a visual display of your PMs and you can create new work orders.

Activity Timeline

This displays the activity history of the asset.