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2023 May ManagerPlus Product Release

BI - New Field for Active Users

Released May 25th

  • Security Users Login History now includes a field to generate results for Active users only.

Learn more in BI.

General Maintenance

Released May 25th

  • Invoices - When editing a note from an invoice, the changes would not save. This has now been corrected and the save button once again functions properly.
  • Invoices - Invoices that were created after 7PM MDT were showing a creation date for the following date, affecting reporting. This inaccuracy was unacceptable and has now been fixed.
  • Assets - After saving changes to a custom field, a confirmation message would display to confirm changes were saved; this was then followed up by another message indicating the changes could not be saved. We didn’t like how this was playing tricks on us, so we fixed it.
  • Assets - When creating an Asset, an error would occur causing the asset to not save. Creating an Asset is important, so we made sure to resolve this.
  • Inventory - When adding a new bin layer to a bin with no inventory, an error message would display and you were stuck. We have fixed this issue.
  • Work Orders - When searching for a Work Order, Assets that were associated to the Work Order were being removed from the Work Order. This issue has been corrected.
  • Work Orders - When using the Advanced Work Order Search, search criteria would reset if another user was editing a Work Order. No you were not imagining things, this was an issue and we fixed it.
  • Purchase Orders - When viewing a Purchase Order, line items were not displaying. This has now been corrected and line items now display as expected.

Released May 15th

  • Purchase Orders - When editing cost on a line item, you could only enter up to two decimals. This has been corrected to be able to enter 6 decimal points.

Released May 11th

  • Work Orders -  When editing labor hours on a Work Order, the selected time for the “Labor Date” would revert back one hour upon saving. Although it would be great to get an hour of your time back each day, we have now fixed this. You can rest assured that your clock is not an hour ahead.

  • Customers – You couldn’t save correctly when adding a labor code to an employee. That was frustrating so we fixed it.

  • BI – When creating a report, the default parameters for StartDate display as 8/1/2013. We have corrected this to reflect 1/1/2023 as the new default StartDate.