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2023 November Eptura Asset Product Release

November's release includes:

General Maintenance

Released November 16th

  • Work Order Module
    • When you copy a work order, it now copies over the custom fields.
    • Work order list is now loading all active work orders when more than 1,000 are active.
  • Asset Module - Log progression adjustments are now progressing correctly when using distance on the PM.
  • Purchase Order Module - The purchase order’s tax amount now calculates correctly to the 4 decimal places after any views or edits.
  • API
    • GetPartVendor call now returns the correct Contact Key for the VendorID.
    • Get PartsAudit call now returns results with ANY changes to Parts_Audit, VendorParts_Audit, PartCustomFieldValues_Audit.

General Maintenance

Released November 9th

  • Work Orders Module - The Labor Time is now using 6 decimals instead of 2 decimals in the calculation.
  • BI Module - Now you can see the Formlua buttons in the Selection Section.