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Executing an Inspection



Clicking on Execute Inspection, will allow you to start the Inspection process on any particular asset. You will be given the opportunity to either Pass or Fail a specific item within the Inspection process, thus potentially triggering a Work Order that may result from a failed Inspection. The instructions below will guide you in the process of executing an Inspection.

 This article will show you how to execute an inspection from your desktop computer.

This article applies to + Professional and + Enterprise.


1.  After logging into your ManagerPlus account, click on the Inspections icon in the ribbon on main page.

2.  There are two different ways you may start an Inspection. You may select the appropriate Inspection, then click on Execute Inspection icon next to the New and Delete button, or you can open a specific Asset by double clicking on the Asset, then clicking on the Execute Inspection icon, found in the Task tab, on the bottom half of the screen.

3.  A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to do the specific tasks within the Inspection. Each task will have an Expected Result, specifying what the outcome should be and an Actual Result, allowing you to enter in the findings of the specific task.

Once the findings are entered in to the Actual Result field, you may then select one of the following actions: Pass, Ignore, Blocked, or Fail. You also have the chance to go to a previous task by selecting the Previous icon. The definitions of the four actions are as followed:

PASS: The actual result matches that of the expected result.

IGNORE: The task does not apply to the applicable asset.

BLOCKED: You were not able to complete the specified task for whatever reason.

FAILED: The specified task did not meet the expected result and will result in a work order.

4.  Once the tasks have been completed, a pop-up screen will appear, showing the Pass and Fail results. If all tasks passed the Inspection, you may select the Completed tab. If one or more task has failed, you may select the Create Work Order tab. You will then be taken to a Work Order screen, where you can fill out a Work Order form to fix the failed Inspection.