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Barcode Client - How to set up



Setting up the Barcode Client is an important feature of ManagerPlus and can be easily done by following these few simple steps:

 The ManagerPlus Barcode client is a cloud printing service that needs access to the barcode printer and the internet and will need to always remain running. 

The ManagerPlus Barcode Client must be installed on a Microsoft Windows Operating System.

 This article applies to + Basic, + Professional, and + Enterprise.


1.  Log into your ManagerPlus account and click on the Options icon on the main ribbon.

2.  After clicking on Options, click on the Barcode Client icon and start the Installation process.

3.  You will be prompted to enter your Username and Password.

This is to be your Windows Login and must be used by an administrator.

4.  Open the Barcode Client by opening the file in the start menu and signing in using your Company Code, Username, and Password.

The Username and Password are your ManagerPlus Username and Password.

5.  After logging in, click on Add to Add a Barcode Printer.

6.  Finally, Add a system printer and customize your Barcode settings.  After saving, you are ready to go.