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View the Asset Move History

When an asset is moved, then its move history will be recorded. You can view the move history and if needed, delete an asset move from the history..

  1. Navigate to the Asset module. The Asset Management screen displays.
  2. From the asset list, click an existing asset.
  3. From the toolbar, click the Move History clipboard_e42dbd47a429bccb183895b6eca70cbc0.png icon and the Asset Move History form displays.
  4. Click the Move Note clipboard_ebbb0c242b139af6f1eef37e62fd45594.png icon to display the move note description.

If you want to delete the asset move, then hover over the move history and then click the Delete clipboard_e0c0b687d9d8be69f253a59ba9594c0ce.pngicon. The message, "Are you sure you wish to delete this asset move from history?, click the Yes button to confirm the deletion.