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Budget Accounts

Budget Accounts help you tracks costs such as labor costs on Work Orders or purchasing inventory on Purchase Orders get logged as transactions against accounts.

This section lets you:

  • Set a budget so that you can track spending goals by accounts or projects. You may choose to set budgeted amounts per account on a weekly or annual basis - either way you have the flexibility to set goals and track spending.
  • Create New Budgets and Accounts. This activity may be something you do often for projects or when expanding to new sites or locations. For example, you can set up an account to track a capital improvement project; set the default account on work orders assigned to this project to track those expenses separately from your general maintenance and repair budgets. Note that you can do this activity programmatically with our Developer API if you want to keep your account list in sync with another system such as an accounting or ERP solution.
  • Track spending per account. You can see costs month by month or at an annual scale. Compare this year to last year as well.
  • Track progress on spending goals.
  • Allocate spending on different activities to different accounts.