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Budgets - A ManagerPlus New User Training


Objective: Learn how to use Budgets within ManagerPlus to track your asset management expenses.

This session is designed to help introduce you to the concept of budgets within ManagerPlus. ManagerPlus is not accounting software, but it can help you track the expenses associated with the maintenance and management of your assets. By separating your budgets, you can find new ways to save money, and know where you are currently spending it.

Videos to Watch

  1. Default Budgets- A MangerPlus Cloud Webinar  Duration 26:38. This in-depth video tutorial will show you how you can set up Default Budgets and how they can help you track assets by department, classification, and more. By setting default budgets, you can set up your organization for success.
  2. Budget Reports - A ManagerPlus Cloud Webinar Duration 26:38. This video will show how to run reports on your Budgets so you can track your expenses and know exactly what your assets are costing you. Use those reports to improve your operations.
  3. Budget Options - A ManagerPlus Cloud Webinar  Duration 22:11. This training video will dive into some of the customization options that are available through ManagerPlus to help you better track your budgets according to the needs of your organization.

Articles to Read

  1. Creating a Budget. This article will teach you the basics of creating a new budget and assigning it to assets.
  2. Creating a Budget Group. Learn how to create budget groups and apply them to assets so that they can automatically assign costs to the right budget and improve your operational insight.
  3. Creating an Employee Record. Learn how to record your employee's work and labor rates within ManagerPlus. This article will teach you how to incorporate all your employees into the ManagerPlus platform.
  4. Creating an Inventory Item Manually. Inventory costs money and represents an investment in future maintenance needs. Learn to create new items in your inventory and assign them a budget for when you need more.