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Update your Site and preferred Warehouse

Within your profile, is where you can enable or disable the Entity/Site selection and your preferred Warehouse.

This is useful as your company may have several sites and you work at one site. In your preferences you can enable Site A and then disable the other sites. If you moved to Site B, then it is easy to disable Site A and then enable Site B.

Access your Preferences 

  • From the top left corner of the screen, click your Profile Name or Image > Preferences.

Your profile screen displays the Preferences tab.


This is where you need to add the entites/sites you need access to.

 Your sites are set up by your Administrator.

Enable Sites and Warehouse

  1. Review the list of entites/sites and click the toggle ON to enable access.
  2. For the entites/sites, from the Default drop-down, select the warehouse/ parts room.

The settings are saved automatically.