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Set up Employee Contacts

Level: Administrator

This area is used to set up the Contact Profile form when you create a new employee. In the Employee Contacts settings, give you the ability to define:

  • departments
  • teams
  • custom fields

Access Employee Contact Settings

  • Navigate to Settings > Module Settings > Contact > Employee. The employee tab displays under contact settings.

The Employee Tab in contact settings is where Departments, Teams, and Custom Fields are defined. Use these fields when creating new employees for a better organization, making them easier to find and filter.

Departments and Teams

The Departments and Teams organize employees by their appropriate designation through the Employee Management screen.


To view or manage which employees are associated to a department or team, click on a  department/team to display the employees.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are available for any information needed that is not within the default fields. Custom information displays as an option with creating or editing an employee.


See the Employee Contact in Action

When you have set up the employee contact form, then in the Employee form you will see the fields.

Navigate to Settings > Employees & Users to display the Employee Management screen. Then click the Create New Employee button and the Conact Profile form displays and this is used you create a new employee. In this example, the Department drop-down displays options created from the Employee tab in contact settings.


The Departments and Teams created from the Employee Contact Settitngs are available to select as an option.