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Link PMs to other PMs

If there are multiple PMs in a single Maintenance Plan, they can be linked together. This means:

  • Linking PM's results in fewer work orders.
  • Allows the system to synchronize PM schedules and mitigate redundant downtime for Assets results in you being more productive. 
  • Fewer work orders means consolidated tasks - which means...less paperwork.

For example, if you have a Maintenance plan that includes:

  • Monthly PM
  • Quarterly PM
  • Annual PM

You can link the greater PM, back to the lesser PMs. The Annual PM can be told to Include or Override the instructions on the Quarterly PM or Monthly PM.  By linking the schedules together, the three PMs that come due at the same time once a year, will either be:

  • combined into one work order (Include)
  • only the Annual will be generated, with the other two being overridden (Override)

Schedule linking has safeguards to make sure you set it up right.

When you create Maintenance plans, users are only able to link PM's to other PM's of a lesser or equal interval. 

Example: The Maintenance plan shown below contains 5 PMs.


If you attempt to link the Annual Inspection to the others, it will give 3 "lesser" options to choose from. Note that the 2 -year Bi-Annual Service is not an option.


If you attempt to link two PMs of different cycle types, the application will allow it, but gives a warning that says PM cycle types do not match.