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Create an Inventory Valuation Report

An Inventory Valuation Report shows the total value of the parts on hand. This guide will demonstrate how to generate an Inventory Valuation Report.


  1. Navigate to Reports > Inventory > Inventory Valuation.
  2. Below are the available report criteria, make the appropriate selections using the drop down menu for each field
    • Valuation As Of
      • Select a date to generate Inventory Valuation from
    • Warehouse
      • Select which warehouse to populate the valuation report for
    • Show Part Detail
      • Provides a detailed list of Parts
  3.  Select  clipboard_e52fe40462b4881aec3f9d4e14fb93753.png

    The report populates based on selected criteria and is displayed above the report and is now available to be exported:

    To change any of the report criteria, select clipboard_edd27fde9067f2f76acac8033bf27ffec.png