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Eptura Knowledge Center

Add an Attachment or Link to a Vendor

You can add attachments, such as a user manual or product price list, or a link, such as the vendor's website or an internal link. 

  1. From the menu, click Vendors.
  2. Click on the vendor you want to edit. 

Add Attachment

  1. You can either:
    • Click the Add Attachments button and then browse to the file and select it.
    • Drag and drop the file onto the tab.

The file will be uploaded.


Add Link

  1. Click the Add Link button and the Add Attachment Link dialog.


  1. In the Attachment Link field, enter in the URL link. This link can be an intranet link, sharepoint link, or an external web link.
  2. Click the Upload Link button.

The link displays in the tab.