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Inspections - Creating a Manual Inspection


Creating a Manual Inspection is a simple process. In just a few simple steps, you can have an Inspection up and running. The following steps will help you create an Inspection.

This article applies to + Professional and + Enterprise.


1.  After logging into your ManagerPlus account, click on the Inspections icon in the ribbon on the main page.

2.  On the left panel, click on the New icon.

3.  Fill in the appropriate fields.

  Entity:, Purpose:, Asset ID:, Priority:, and Budget are required fields that must be filled out to complete the Inspection.

4.  When you have finished entering in all the desired and required fields, click on the Save icon.  Once the Inspection is saved, you have finished creating the Manual Inspection and it is ready to be completed by the assigned worker.


Fields  * indicates a required field.

*Entity: An entity is a location, division, department, or any other organizational unit that you need to describe your company.

Inspection #: Number assigned by the system when you save the inspection. This field is not editable.

*Purpose: Brief description of what the Inspection will accomplish.

*Asset ID: Asset that is the subject of the inspection.

*Priority: You can choose the state of the priority, including Emergency, High, Low, and Backlog.

*Budget: The budget that this work order will be assigned to. This field is automatically populated with the budget assigned to the asset.

Assigned: Employee or vendor assigned to this work order. Click on “. . .” to select an employee or vendor from the Assigned Lookup.

Status: Automatically set based on the default in module settings. Click the status list to select a different status for the inspection. Click on “” to edit or create additional statuses in the Inspection Status Lookup.

Created By: User creating the inspection. This field is populated by the system and is not editable.

Created: Automatically filled in with the current date and time. This field is not editable.

Due: Due date for the inspection. Click to select the date.

Scheduled: Schedule that the inspection is created from. This field is automatically populated and only available when the inspection is created from a schedule.

Est. Completion: This field is designed for you to put in what the estimated completion date will be.

Completed: Automatically filled in with the current date and time when the inspection is closed. You can change this date while the inspection is open.