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Associating a Part with a Vendor



Associating a part with a vendor can be easily done by following these few simple steps:

This article applies to + Professional and + Enterprise.


1.  Create a new Vendor or open an already existing Vendor.

If creating a new Vendor, all required fields must be filled in and then saved before you can proceed to Step # 2.

2.  Click on the Parts tab.

3.  Click on the Add Part(s) icon.

4.  Select the appropriate part that you wish to associate with the Vendor, then click on the Add to Pick List icon, followed by the OK icon.

If the part that you wish to associate with the Vendor is not listed, go to Step 6. to be shown how to add the part.

To modify an existing part, associated with a Vendor, go to Step 7.

 To delete an existing part, associated with a Vendor, go to Step 8.

5.  Once the part has been selected and you have clicked OK, select the Save icon and you have then associated the part with the Vendor.

6.  If you need to add a part to a Vendor List, after selecting Add Part(s), select the New icon and add the required information:  Once the appropriate fields are filled out, select the Save icon then go to Step 4 to finish the process.

 Part #:, Type:, Status:, and Base Unit of Measure are required fields.

7.  To modify an existing part associated with a Vendor, click on the Edit icon. You will then be allowed to edit permissible fields within the part record. When completed, click on the Save icon.

8.  To Delete an existing part associated with a vendor, click on the red, Delete icon. Once you click, you will be asked to confirm the Deleted action, then the item will be Deleted.


Definition of Fields:

Part #: This is the manufacturer's part # associated with this part.

Description: This is a detailed description of the part, such as 8 cell lithium battery.

Type: This is a generic description of the part, such as Oil, Battery, or Tire. You make click if this part is serialized or not.

Status: You may click from a drop-down menu, the status of the part such as New, Used, Refurbished, Etc.

Base Unit of Measure: This will describe how the part is measured, such as Gallons, Ounces, Each, Etc.

Barcode: This will allow you to use a custom barcode or system-generated barcode for the part.

Tracked: If selected, ManagerPlus will keep track of stocking levels for suggested purchase orders.

Include Vendor: Select to include a vendor for the part. If Vendor is selected, you will need to select the Vendor and Vendor Part Number.