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Filtering Groups on an Asset

The Assets Module is the heart of the ManagerPlus program.  It is where all of your equipment, facilities, and grounds are defined and maintained.

One of the major advantages of ManagerPlus is the flexibility it gives you in defining and maintaining almost anything that needs scheduled maintenance.  The Assets Module allows you to define and track assets by the entity they are assigned to.

A main feature of the asset module is the Filter Setting and Filter by Group.  Using the filter setting, you can sort your assets by Category, Sub-Category, Notices, Manufacturer, and Entity.  When you select the filter icon, a menu will appear showing you the items you can sort by in that category. 

Filter by Group will allow you to filter by the group settings that you have established.  You can also pin this feature to your screen by pressing the Push-Pin icon or dismiss the sidebar by clicking on the Filter By Group tab.