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Synovia Solutions

Synovia Solutions provides the tools fleet managers need to improve safety, savings, and service. They have GPS tracking systems in over 90,000 vehicles across North America tracking fleets with more than 5,000 vehicles. For every customer they work with, their goal is to build tracking solutions that revolutionize the way fleets are managed.

This connector automatically brings machine and vehicle data from Synovia. By bringing in hours and miles/kilometers from your Synovia-enabled equipment, we can automatically progress your maintenance schedules, report on cost by utilization, and ensure even better asset management and reportability. For more information about Synovia Solutions, visit

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce data entry by synchronizing assets from Synovia to the application based on serial number*.
  • Increase accuracy by automatically capturing machine data such as machine hours and miles/kilometers from your Synovia enabled equipment.
  • Progress log-based schedules without manual log entries.
  • Enhance your utilization of the application and Synovia with combined data reporting.

*If you are in need of help with implementing this connector you may reach out to Technical Support shown below.

In order to have a successful and timely set-up, there is some information you will need to gather before calling our Technical Support.  Listed below is the needed information that you will be asked to give our Support team:

  • You must contact Synovia and get a dedicated service account that is API enabled.
  • Obtain a Synovia database name, email address, and password.

After you have gathered the information listed above, feel free to contact our Technical Support team who can assist with the setup.