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Split a Work Order

Work orders may include Service Tasks that require completion before a Work Order is closed out. However, suppose you have a Work Order with one Service Task that cannot yet be completed or must be assigned to another contact. This Service Task can be split into another Work Order.

Use this feature to:

  • Split Service Tasks into another Work Order
  • Complete a Work Order while redistributing outstanding Service Tasks to a new Work Order
  • Reassign a Service Task to another contact


  1. Navigate to the Work Order module.
  2. Click on any Work Order you want to split.
  3. Click the Create Work Order button.


    The Add Tasks to New Work Order dialog displays.

  4. Select which Service Tasks to split into another Work Order.
  5. Click the Create & Open WO button.  

The Service Tasks have now been split into another Work Order and the new Work Order will appear in the Linked Work Orders Section