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Request Manager

This role is defined as:

  • responsible for handling work requests. 
  • determine the people who are allowed to submit requests, manage the requests that come in, and see they are assigned to the correct individuals. 

Below describes the key responsibilities; the links will take you directly to the relevant articles or follow the learning path to be stepped through the articles.

Area Links


  • Decide who can submit requests
  • Determine how they will submit requests
  • Manage requests that come in
  • Turn them into actual Work Orders that your maintenance team can act upon


The asset data includes keeping an up-to-date inventory, providing financial information on leased versus owned equipment, and retaining information about contracts, warranties, and insurance, as well as information about the configurations and capabilities of each machine. This module makes it easy to track the utilization of assets and achieve optimal use of them.

Work Order

Explore the module to learn how to create work orders' capture costs; assign and track who's doing the work.