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Create a New Tire Record

After defining which part types are tires, a new tire record can be created. The new tire record form is where information regarding the tire including brand, description, and size is entered to properly identify tires in inventory.


Access the New Tire Record Form

  • Navigate to Inventory > New Part > New Tire Record. The new tire record form populates.

New Tire Record Form

Create a new tire record to add tires into inventory in order to begin using tires within the tire manager.

  1. From the Inventory module, click on "new part" and select "New Tire Record".clipboard_eaaaf4ba957749671cbf52b2a51b9141c.png


  1. The New Tire Record Form populates. Fill in the required fields as described below.


New Tire Record Fields:

  • Part ID - Enter a name to identify the tire
  • Description -Information used to describe and identify the tire
  • Part Type - Select one of the defined part types for tires
  • Brand - Select or create a brand
  • Brand Model -Select or create a brand model
  • Tire Size - Enter the tire size information found on the tire
  • Part Status -Select a part status. If a tire is new, select new
  • Unit of Measure -Define the increment in which the part is consumed
  • Starting Quantity -Quantity of tires to add to inventory
  • Cost -Cost of each tire
  1. Click "OK"

The new tire is now available to add to a work order or install on a vehicle.