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2024 February Eptura Asset Product Release

February's release includes:

  • General Maintenance - February 29th
  • Work Order Import
  • General Maintenance - February 7th

General Maintenance

Released February 29th

  • Inventory Module 
    • When you search for a part that was recently created, it will display in the search results.
    • Now you can transfer a part from a non-stocked part to a stock part.

Work Order Import

Released February 7th

Work orders serve as a primary and comprehensive record of an asset's maintenance history. It is crucial to document details for records such as each maintenance task undertaken, including details such as the type of work performed, dates, technicians involved, materials used, and any associated costs. 

This import lets you populate multiple work orders and include details such as asset, inventory, labor, and costs.


Learn more in Import your Work Orders and Work Order Import Template Data.

General Maintenance

Released February 7th

  • Manage Bins - Improved the Bin Management drop-down list so you see the bin layer and names when there are several layers.
  • Import Logs and Meter Readings - The import now recognizes the date format based on the company and personal globalization setting.