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Understand the PMs KPIs

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) gives you a quick, at-a-glance, view of how the PMs are doing.

Watch the Video

Audio: Sound Length: 1:52 mins

Learn more

  1. Navigate to PMs.
  2. Click the Show KPI clipboard_e701784f50611eb14ba969b1b060add8b.pngicon.

Going across the top of the screen, the following are:

  • PMs Ready for Work - How many PMs are ready for work (plus, the number of existing PMs that have active work orders)
  • Work form PMS - The percentage of Open Work Orders currently coming from PMs
  • Estimated Work - Monthly Past Estimated and Actual Work Orders created from PMs
  • Upcoming Workload Forecast - Shows the number of hours projected to be needed on upcoming PMs


You can reset the view, click the More Actions icon, and then Reset Grid.