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Eptura Knowledge Center

Create a Transfer

Transfers are used to move inventory from one warehouse to another if a part you require is in stock at another warehouse.

To create a new Transfer, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Transfers. The Inventory Transfer Management screen displays.


  1. Click the New Transfer button. The Create Transfer form displays.


  1. From the Transfer Mode drop-down, select one of the following transfer modes:
    • Local Move - Transfer parts between warehouses within the same site.
    • Remote Transfer - Transfer parts between warehouses within separate sites.
  2. In the Purpose field, enter the Purpose of the transfer.
  3. From the Source Warehouse drop down, select the warehouse the parts will be transferred from.
  4. If the transfer has already been sent, click the Sent Date calendar, select the date the transfer was sent.
  5. From the Destination Warehouse drop-down, select the warehouse the parts have been sent to.
  6. From the Deliver To field, enter the name of the recipient of you require a specific recipient to receive the transfer.
  7. From the Tracking # field, enter a tracking number.
  8. Click the Save & Add Parts button.

The new transfer displays. You can now add parts to the transfer.