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Vendor Import Template Data

General Information

  • Do not change the column headers in Row 1 as this is used to complete the upload.

Data Columns

The table below lists the columns and which columns are required or optional.

Column Name Column Required Max Length Notes
Vendor ID      
Yes 100 Unique identifier for a vendor. If the vendor doesn't exist in the sytem then the new vendor will be uploaded.
Vendor Name   Yes 50 Full name of the vendor.
Preferred Name     50  
Vendor Type     100  
Email Address        100  
URL       60  
Used in Work Orders          
Address Line 1          50  
Address Line 2    50  
City       30  
Zip/Postal    16  
Status      Yes 24  
Lead Time (Days)        
Labor Rate         Hourly rate he vendor charges if they can be assigned labor on work orders.
Default Sales Tax ID   24