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Creating an Employee Certification


Creating an Employee Certification is a simple process. In just a few simple steps, you can have an Employee Certification up and running. The following steps will help you create an Employee Certification.

This article applies to + Professional and + Enterprise.


1.  Click on the Modules tab, then click on the Certifications icon in the ribbon on main page.

2.  On the left panel, click on the New icon.

3.  After clicking on New, fill in the appropriate fields.

Employee Name:, Type:, and Status: are required fields that must be filled out to create an employee record.  

4.  When you have finished entering in all the desired and required fields, click on the Save icon.  Once the Employee Certification is saved, you have finished creating the Employee Certification.


Description of Terms:

*Employee Name: Full name of the Employee.

*Type: Type of certification, for example: training, education, or licensing.

Description: Name or title of certification, license, or degree.

Issuer: Organization that issues the certification.

*Status: Status of the certification, for example, whether it is active, expired, etc.

Issued On: Date certification is issued or becomes valid.

Expires On: Date certification expires or becomes invalid.