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Set up General Settings for Purchase Orders

Level: Administrator

All changes to your Purchase Order Settings will impact ALL users.

  1. Navigate to  Settings.
  2. Under the Module Settings heading, click Purchase Orders.  The Purchase Order Settings screen displays.


The General tab displays by default, and this contains:

Purchase Order Defaults

The Purchase Order Defaults include:


Next PO # field 

Enter or select the next purchase order number.  Subsequent purchase order numbers will increase by 1. 

For example, 200020 and then this will increase the number from this starting number.

Use System Generated PO # toggle

Either toggle:

  • ON - we recommend this setting is turned on as it automatically supplies an unchangeable system generated PO number.
  • OFF - allows you to supply a PO number and update the PO number.

Most organizations keep this option on unless they are correlating their PO numbers with another system.


Barcode Labels button 

Click the button to display the Barcode Labels form. 

Barcode labels contain up to 4 text lines, use the form to configure which fields display on the barcodes used for parts within a purchase order.

Budget Transaction Dates

The following budget transaction dates can be set up:

  • On-Post: Select either the original invoice date or date at time of posting to be displayed when posting a transaction.
  • On Re-post: Select either the original invoice date or date at time of posting to be displayed when re-posting a transaction.



This allows you to set whether or not a credit memo number is required on all credit memos.

Toggle the CM# Required on all Credit Memos to ON.


List Setup

The following lists can be set up:

  • Other Cost Types:  Establish your choice of line-item expense options, that can appear on a purchase order.  

Work Orders and Purchase Orders share this library.

  • Sales Tax:  Establish your choice sales tax options, that can appear on a purchase order.  


Custom Fields

Custom Fields are available for any information needed that is not within the default fields.