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Eptura Knowledge Center

2023 September Eptura Asset Product Release

Alternate Parts now available from Marketplace

Released September 14th


General Maintenance

Released September 27th

  • BI - When generating a report, Time Zone offsets were not being applied. We have now corrected this.

  • Site Settings - When editing a site’s address, any changes made to the existing address would not save. That was annoying, so we fixed it.

  • PM Work Orders -When adjusting PM progress, work orders that were generated from the PM schedule would display an incorrect due date. This issue has now been resolved.

Released September 14th

  • Assets Downtime - When editing asset downtime, fields would overlap in the downtime form. That was annoying, so we fixed it.

  • Inspection Images - When uploading images to an inspection, the photo would not display correctly from the inspection details. This has now been resolved and photos once again display properly.

  • Log Summary Report - When viewing the asset log summary report, the log type column was being mislabeled as miles. We have now corrected this issue.

  • Requests Portal Password Reset - When attempting to reset a password from the secured portal, a blank red toast would display without any accompanying error message when security standards were not met by the new password. This issue has now been resolved.

  • Requests Portal Color Customization - When customizing the button color within the request portal, the chosen color changes would not save. We have now corrected this issue.

  • Inventory Part Activity Timeline - When viewing a part, the part activity timeline would not display correctly. This has now been fixed.

  • Work Orders - When adding a large amount of parts to a Work Order, the part allocation was being duplicated. That was confusing, so we resolved the issue.

  • Work Orders - When reopening a work order with existing logs, an error would display prompting you to enter a log in order to complete the work order although a valid log is present. This issue has now been fixed.