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Eptura Knowledge Center

Inventory Overview

The Inventory module tracks your parts and supplies - your consumables, that are used to repair and maintain your assets. 

Warehouse Inventory.png

Parts listed in the inventory module will track:

  • Current quantities
  • Preferred stocking levels
  • Current price (and pricing history)
  • Vendor information
  • Assets using the parts in question 

Oil Filter Details.png

EVERY part that you use, can be listed in the Inventory module - even if you don't keep a particular part in stock.  The Inventory module will help you differentiate between:

New Part options.png

  • Stocked Parts (ones you keep on the shelf)
  • Non-Stocked Parts (ones you add as needed, but don't keep in your shop)
  • Tires (a special designation of parts, to track rotation & meet DOT requirements)