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Eptura Knowledge Center

Update your Profile

Your profile contains the following areas:

  • Upload a profile image
  • Personal Info
  • Preferences - this contains settings for Language (Region) Override, Time Zone Override, Active Records on the Planning Board, Notification Sounds, and Entity Selection/ Preferred Warehouse. Learn more in Update your Preferences.
  • Subscriptions

Your profile lets you view and update your contact information, as well as verify the mobile devices that can be registered to your user name.

Access your Profile

You can access your profile from the Settings module or from the application's header.

Settings Module

  • From the menu, click Settings > Personal Settings > Profile.


Application Header

  • Top left corner of the screen, click your Profile Name or Profile Image > Profile.


Your profile screen displays the Personal Info tab.


My Contact Info

Update your address, email, phone number & mobile number.

This is critical information, as your email address is how you receive notifications through Notify.

Mobile Devices

When you log in to the Work Companion (Mobile App) on your mobile device, the device will synchronize with the main application.  There's a limit of three mobile devices each user can have. If you want to free up a spot for a different device, click the Delete icon can to delete it from your list.