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Completing a Bulk Import Cycle Count


Having an accurate inventory of parts will provide better reporting allowing you to make better decisions regarding your assets.  This article will teach you how to perform a bulk import cycle count.

 Bulk imports are best used when you are adding, changing, or adjusting 50+ parts to your inventory.

 This article applies to + Professional and + Enterprise.


1.  Select the Modules tab, then click on the Cycle Count icon in the main menu.

2.  Click on the New icon, complete the necessary fields, click on the Save icon to save your Cycle Count.

3.  Click on the Import Parts icon and follow the import wizard instructions, then click on the Post Counted icon. If the quantity you entered doesn't match what ManagerPlus has on record, you will need to enter the quantity and cost again or re-import the file, click on the Post Counted icon. This process will repeat until there are at least 2 entries that match.

 The import file must be a properly formatted CSV or Excel file containing the data you wish to import. 

 We recommend you download and use the sample import template available in import wizard.  

 The file must have the following columns: Part No, Part Quantities, Part Cost.

4.  Click on the Close Cycle Count icon and you are finished.


Field Descriptions *Required Field

 Cycle Count #: This field will auto-populate with a Cycle Count number.

*Warehouse:     If you have the Professional Edition this field will auto-populate.  

 If you have the Enterprise Edition select from the pull-down menu the warehouse you want the Cycle Count to apply towards.

*Budget: Select from the pull-down which budget the Cycle Count will apply towards.

Max Recounts: The number of recounts needed to complete the Cycle Count. The default is 1.

 If this is the first time you are importing parts make this number 0.

You are only required to recount if the count does not match what ManagerPlus has on file. You must have a minimum of 1 additional verified count. Examples below:

ManagerPlus says you have 4 and your count is 4 - No recount needed because it matches. 

ManagerPlus says you have 4 and your count is 2 then it will be flagged for a recount. 

If your second recount is 2 the count is accepted. If the recount is 5, it is flagged again for a recount. 

Date Created: This field will auto-populate with the date of the Cycle Count.

Created By: This field will auto-populate the user that created the Cycle Count.

Closed: Indicates the Cycle Count has been closed.

Comments: Any comments related to the Cycle Count.