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Create a new Estimate

Estimates allow you to preview the total invoice costs prior to creating a work order for a customer.

Create a New Estimate

Let's learn how to create an estimate.

  1. Navigate to Invoices.
  2. From the New Invoice drop-down, select New Estimates.


The Create Estimate form displays.


  1. Complete the following fields:
Field Description
Entity drop-down

Select the site the estimate belongs to.

Customer drop-down

Similar to Invoices, estimates are for the customer. 

Budget drop-down

Select the budget account for the estimate.

Price Point drop-down

Price points determine the mark up on the invoice.

The price points are set up the invoice settings.

Sales Tax drop-down

Select the appropriate sales tax for the customer.

The sales tax is set up the invoice settings.

Purpose field

Enter a summary of what work is being done.

Asset field

Select which asset the Estimate is for.


  1. Click the Create & Open button.

You are then directed to the New Estimate which is ready to be reviewed and converted to a Work Order for the customer.