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Adding an Image to a Part Record


Adding an Image to a Part Record Inventory is an important feature of creating a successful Inventory profile and can be easily done by following these few simple steps:


1.  Start by clicking on the  Inventory icon on the side panel.

2.  Create a new Inventory Part or open an already existing Inventory Part from your Inventory list.  

 If creating a new Inventory Item, all required fields must be filled in and then saved before you can proceed to Step 3.  If you need help on how to create a new Inventory Item, see article, “Creating an Inventory Item Manually.”

3.  Click on the Add an Image icon in the top left corner of the screen.

4.  After clicking on the icon, select the appropriate Image that you wish to attach, then select Open.  Once completed, you have successfully attached the Image to the Part Record.

 To delete an image, go to Step 5.

5.  To delete an existing Image, click on the Delete icon.  Once you have selected the delete icon, the attachment will be permanently desired.