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In 2024, our Product Engagement team will be updating the training videos.


Prior to beginning training, it is recommended you review the Eptura Asset Management Team to understand your key role within your team and which training level will be of most benefit to you.

We have several videos for you to watch.

Area Video


New videos!

clipboard_e8c3cf724036143a9f19e32bcff880a70.png Videos

Asset Overview -  Watch the video to learn more about the Asset module and understand the benefits of using this module. (01:07 minutes)

Understand the Asset Key Performance Indicators - In-depth look into the statistics of Asset Failures, Asset Category, Assets Not Utilized, Average Age, and Cost Compare. (1:31 minutes)

Customize the Asset View - Learn how to find your assets, where they are located, and identify any outstanding issues. You can arrange the layout of grid according to your own needs.(1:31 minutes)

Create an Asset - When a new asset is purchased, you will need to create an asset record so that it can be maintained. When you create an asset, you first need to complete the required information and then later the additional information can be completed​. (0:55 minute)

Edit Asset Details - Learn about the Assets Details screen and what can be edited on your asset. (3:11 minutes)

Work Orders 

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Work Orders Overview Video

Understand the Work Orders Key Performance Indicators - In-depth look into the statistics of unassigned work orders, on time rating, past-due, weekly workload, priority, and work origins. (02:36 minutes)

PMs and establishing your Maintenance Plans

New videos!

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PMs Overview Video - Learn about the benefits of PMs and Maintenance Plans, the concept of linking PM's (Date Based Or Log Based), and finally, where you can review and investigate your preventive costs versus your corrective costs. (7:13 minutes)

Understand the PMs KPis - In-depth look into the statistics of PMs ready for work, estimated work vs actual work, and upcoming workload forecast. (1:52 minutes)

Customize the PMs View - Learn how to find your PMs and you can arrange the layout of the screen according to your own needs. (2:41 minutes)

Navigate around the PMs List View - Watch the video to become familiar with the PMs List View. (3:33 minutes)

Maintenance Plans

Create a Maintenance Plan for a Sprinkler System - Learn how to create a maintenance with this Sprinkler System example. (4:09 mins)

Linking PMs - Sprinkler System Example - Learn how to link date-based PMs with this Sprinkler System example. (2:26 mins)

Create a Maintenance Plan for a Truck - Learn how to create a maintenance with this Truck example. (5:15 mins)

Linking PMs - Truck Example - Learn how to link log-based PMs with this Truck example. (2:37 mins)

Inspections and Inspection Templates 

New videos!

clipboard_e8c3cf724036143a9f19e32bcff880a70.png Videos

Inspections Overview -  Learn about when an inspection needs to take place, what needs to be inspected, and how to respond. Additionally, you will learn who is involved in the inspection process. (2:21 minutes)

Understand the Inspections KPIs - In-depth look into the statistics of inspection status, needs attention, pending review, and defects. (1:33 minutes)

Customize the Inspections View -  Learn how to find your inspections and you can arrange the layout of the screen according to your own needs. (1:54 minutes)

Create an Inspection Templates Example Video - Watch the video to see how an Air Compressor inspected template is created.(5 minutes)

Create an Inspection - Pass - Watch the video to learn what happens when the asset passes an inspection. (1:33 minutes)

Create an Inspection - Fail - Watch the video to learn what happens when the asset fails an inspection. (1:39 minutes)

Work Requests 

Inventory -  Manage Your Parts

Purchase Orders and Cycle Counts

Work Companion App

Operator Companion Web App

Business Intelligence (BI)



New video!

clipboard_e8c3cf724036143a9f19e32bcff880a70.png Video

Security Roles and Roles Management - Security Roles determine what the user can see and do in Eptura Asset, watch the video to learn about the default Security Roles (3:39 minutes)

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