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Update Category Standard Fields

Level: Administrator

Each Category has six standard fields available to it:

  • In Service Date
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Year
  • Serial # (With Categories under the FLEET Class, this will appear as VIN #)
  • Vendor

By default, all six are made visible for any Asset assigned to that Category.  These are all optional fields, when you create or edit an Asset.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Module Settings > Assets.
  2. Click Category Settings tab.


Make a Standard Field visible or invisible

  • Click the Visible clipboard_e2edd69a223cde3e4496d01df82f6cc86.png icon and change it to Not Visible clipboard_ea5156d0eda795a9557eca876b6244d97.png

Make a Standard Field mandatory or optional

  • Click the Not Required clipboard_eef228679cbb5db37957f7a20a419e3e4.png icon and change it to Required clipboard_e769b4544d7a775a5f9974b584a13e532.png .