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2023 April ManagerPlus Product Release

April's Release Includes:

BI - New Fields Available 

Released April 13th

  • Contact List group now includes ‘phone_number’ field.
  • Work Order Logs custom reports now can include the 'Asset_Key' field.

 Learn more in BI.

PMs - Reorder Your PM Tasks

Released April 13th

  • Ability to reorder PM Tasks. Tasks can now be reordered by dragging and dropping to the order you want. 

 Learn more in Tasks.

  • Task Order from Work Order Settings  now displayed in the PM Management details window.

Learn more about managing Task Classes in Service Task Tab.

Purchase Orders - Work Order Number Now Visible

Released April 13th

  • Work Order Number now visible when viewing a suggested PO containing a part allocated to a Work Order.

Learn more in Purchase Orders.

Work Orders - Easily Drag and Drop Your Tasks to Rearrange Them

Released April 13th

  • Ability to reorder Work Order Tasks. Tasks now can be reordered by dragging and dropping to the order you want.


  • You now have the ability to reorder your Service tasks per Class in Work Orders.


 Learn more about rearranging Tasks from a Work Order in Service Tasks.

Invoices - Ability to Include New Estimates

Released April 13th

  • When you are in the Invoice Management screen you will now have the option to either create a New Invoice or a New Estimate.


Learn more in Estimates - Create a New Estimate.

General Maintenance

Released April 13th

  • We saw inaccuracies in the parts data in the reports, so we tweaked a couple of pipes to display the correct data.
  • When you change the font, such as size, bold, in a note it now displays in the Details screen. That’s a beautiful thing.
  • When you filtered for Out of Stock it displayed an error, this has been fixed.
  • Work Order printing now the extra page that was created has now been told to stop doing that.