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ManagerPlus Mobile - A ManagerPlus New User Training


Objective: To Learn How to Use the ManagerPlus Mobile App

A lot of the power that comes with ManagerPlus comes from your ability to access it from any mobile device. This is especially useful for those technicians and mechanics who don't need full access to your ManagerPlus platform to do their work. The ManagerPlus mobile app allows you to conduct inspections, work orders, and work requests from a mobile device, even if you are not currently connected to the internet. Work you perform will then sync with the platform when you regain your connection.

The following videos, webinars, and articles will give you the tools you need to get started with ManagerPlus Mobile.

Watch Video

  1. ManagerPlus Mobile Overview - A ManagerPlus Cloud Webinar Training Duration 43:42 - This general overview video will walk you through the features and options in ManagerPlus Mobile. 

Webinar to Attend

  1. ManagerPlus Mobile - A ManagerPlus Live Education Webinar - Use this live webinar to learn in real time how to use your ManagerPlus Mobile App.

Articles to Read

  1. Downloading and Login to ManagerPlus Mobile for the First Time - How to get ManagerPlus Mobile downloaded onto your mobile device and get started with using it. This is a good starting point for using your mobile device with ManagerPlus.
  2. Where to Find the Company Code for ManagerPlus Mobile - You'll need to use a Company Code to login to ManagerPlus Mobile. This article will show you where to find that code.
  3. Creating a Work Order in ManagerPlus Mobile - This and the next two articles will teach you how to do work from your mobile device using ManagerPlus Mobile.
  4. Completing a Work Order in ManagerPlus Mobile
  5. Conducting an Inspection with ManagerPlus Mobile