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Create an Inventory Item Manually

Manually creating an Inventory Item is a simple process.  In just a few simple steps, you can have an Inventory Item up and running.


  1. Navigate to Inventory.
  2. Click the New Part button.
  3. Select one of the options:

    • New Stocked Part  (Inventory quantities & Min/Max rules will apply)

    • New Non-Stocked Part  (Inventory rules do not apply, and the system will not track your quantities)

    • New Component (Serialized parts, most commonly used to track part warranties)

    • New Tire Record (Serial number, size, DOT info tracked)

  4.   Enter the required information

Field Description

Part ID

Type a unique part ID. You cannot have two parts with the same part ID. You can develop your own part ID system, or you may use the manufacturer’s ID


 Description of the Inventory Item.  Although providing an Inventory Item description is optional, it may be useful if you have similarly named budgets.  You can type up to 32 characters in the Description field

Part Type

Part types are used to group parts that are related

Part Status

Status of the Inventory Item.  A common status is listing the condition of the part, when it was acquired (New, Used, Rebuilt, etc)

Unit of Measure

How do you count the part?  Each one?  By the ounce?  Liter?  Quart?

Starting Qty

This is the number of items that you have on hand.


This is the cost of the item.

  1. While not required, it is recommended you list your Starting Qty and Part Cost when creating a Stocked Part

  2. Click the OK button.

The part is now a searchable record in your inventory.

Searching New Part.gif