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Eptura Knowledge Center

Manage Tires from a Work Order

After defining the axle schema and adding tires to inventory, tires are then managed through the tire manager on a work order. Simply drag and drop tires between the tire bay and axle schema to install/uninstall tires from a vehicle. 


Add a Tire to a Work Order

  1. Create a Work Order* associated to the vehicle requiring a tire service.
  2. Select the parts icon to navigate to the Parts form on the work order, then click "Add Part" or "Search Parts Master" to populate a list of available parts.
  3. Select the Tire to add to the work order to populate the Tire details form. Enter the quantity and DOT information found on the tire(s) then click "continue".

The tire is now associated to the work order.


Install or Remove a Tire from a Vehicle

Once a tire is added to the work order,  perform tire installs and removals using the tire manager.

  1. Click on the Tire Tracking icon to populate the tire manager.

    The tire manager populates with the default schema for the vehicle subcategory as defined in asset settings. Below the schema is the tire bay where tires allocated to the work order are temporarily held before installing. Any tires removed from the vehicle are also held in the tire bay, and must be returned to inventory or discarded.
  2. To install the tire, simply drag and drop the tire pending installation from the tire bay to the appropriate placement on the axle.
  3. Click done and complete the work order.

The tire has now been installed.

Tire Bay

As the tire bay is a temporary holding shelf for any tires on a work order, any tires that remain in the tire bay after exiting the tire manager must either be disposed or returned to inventory. Tires left in the tire bay result in a prompt populating on the screen.

Unused tires must be returned to inventory, or placed on the vehicle.



Previously installed tires that have been removed are either disposed, or returned to inventory. To return to inventory, select "send to inventory" and enter the value of the tire, then click "done".


The tire bay is now empty and any excess tires are returned to inventory or disposed.

Tire History

Once the work order is complete, the tire manager displays the history of all tire activities performed on the work order.