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Invoices Overview

The Invoices module allows you to create digital invoices to be sent to your customers.  These can be created as needed or auto-generated when a work order is completed.

Let's say you have repaired a piece of equipment for one of your customers or for another department within your organization.  You track who did the work, how long it took, and how many parts were used.  Your total costs are $190.79

You have a client agreement to perform the work for $200 per hour.  The parts used will be billed with a 30% markup.

The customer invoice lists the total cost at $350.53.  You see a net profit of $159.74.  

Work Order Customer Invoice

Employee Labor:  $75
Parts Used:  $115.79

Labor:  $200
Parts Used:  $150.53

Unlike the work orders, customer invoices don't concern themselves with the names of the employees who did the work. Instead, it lists what services were provided, what parts were used, and their costs.


Key Benefits and Features

  • Create customer invoices on demand
  • Connect to your work orders, to auto-generate customer invoices
  • Set price points to pre-determine the markup percentage on labor and parts used
  • Set fixed prices for services that are always delivered at a guaranteed amount