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Assets - A ManagerPlus New User Training


Objective: To learn how to create an asset and edit it within the ManagerPlus platform.

Webinars to Attend

  1. Asset Creation and Management - A ManagerPlus Live Education Webinar. Register for this live webinar to attend and see an in-depth explanation and demonstration of how to create and manage your assets within the ManagerPlus platform.

Articles to Read

  1. Creating an Asset Manually. Learn how to create a new asset manually within ManagerPlus. This is different from importing assets from another system, and will teach you about the basic descriptions for assets.
  2. Adding an Image to an Asset. Assets are more than just numbers in a machine. Learn to attach images so you can keep exact pictures of the asset, making it easy to identify and associate with its digital records.
  3. Adding Notes to an Asset. This article will show you how you can attach your own notes to an asset record. This allows you to record anything you need in association with an asset and save that data inside the ManagerPlus platform.
  4. Adding a Part in the Part Lookup. Learn how to incorporate not just whole assets, but their individual parts for inclusion in inventory and use in repairs.

Videos to Watch

  1. Creating Assets Effectively - A ManagerPlus Cloud Webinar Duration 27:11. This in-depth video tutorial will help you understand how you can take advantage of the full capacity of ManagerPlus to create and manage every aspect of your assets.
  2. Asset Reports - A ManagerPlus Cloud Webinar Duration 38:56. This video tutorial will show you how you can get reports on your assets once they are already in your system. It will walkthrough reporting so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your assets and actively manage them for greater productivity and ROI.