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Work Orders Overview

Watch the video to learn about the module settings and how to create work orders complete with service tasks, employee labor records, parts & supplies, and attaching external documentation.

Work Orders are the primary source of your maintenance history, and this module is used to:

  • track what is being worked on
  • who is doing the work
  • track the costs involved
  • what parts are used

Watch the Video

In the Work Orders Overview video we'll discuss:

  • the module settings.
  • create work orders complete with service tasks, employee labor records, parts & supplies, and attaching external documentation.

00:00 Introduction

01:09 Work Order List Management

04:05 Advance Search

06:26 Review/Edit completed Work Orders

10:18 Create a new Work Order

14:26 Assign Work Orders and Service Tasks 

19:57 Add Parts and Labor

22:55 Work Order Notes

25:50 Change Work Order Status

29:39 Other Costs

31:35 Work Order Admin Settings

33:57 Work Order Status Flow Set up 

39:52 Print Work Orders and Work Order Reporting

46:37 Emailing Work Orders

47:50 Work Order Assigning Settings

Video Length: 56:25

Complete the Learning Paths

Afterwards, we suggest these Work Order learning paths: