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Purging Assets from ManagerPlus



Purging an asset lets you permanently remove that asset from ManagerPlus. You might want to purge an asset if it has been sold or retired or if it is no longer needed.  Purging an asset does not delete any work orders associated with it. It removes the asset from the work order and updates the work order to note that the asset has been deleted.  Purging removes the following:

  • The asset from ManagerPlus.
  • Associations between an asset and parts, contacts, and work order.
  • Any images or pictures of the asset.

Purging does not remove part and contact records that were associated with the asset being purged.

This article applies to + Basic, + Professional, and + Enterprise.


1.  Click on the Options tab on the main ribbon of ManagerPlus.

2.  Click on the Purge Asset icon on the Options page.

3.  Type the Asset ID or click Search icon to select an asset from the Asset Lookup. Once the asset is selected, click the check box to indicate that you understand that purging an asset removes the asset and all its details from ManagerPlus.

4.  Click on the Purge Asset and confirm the deletion.