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Asset Manager Role

 This role is defined as:

  • Maintaining your organization's physical assets and equipment. These fixed assets can include vehicles, machinery, heavy equipment, buildings & structures, etc. 
  • Tracking the well-being of the assets.
  • Oversee equipment and machinery in multiple locations. 
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Improve equipment longevity and usability.

Below describes the key responsibilities; the links will take you directly to the relevant articles or follow the learning path to be stepped through the articles.

Area Links


The asset data includes keeping an up-to-date inventory, providing financial information on leased versus owned equipment, and retaining information about contracts, warranties, and insurance, as well as information about the configurations and capabilities of each machine. This module makes it easy to track the utilization of assets and achieve optimal use of them.


Data Imports

When you have a large amount of new assets, logs, or meter readings, manually entering them into the platform one by one is a time-consuming task. Imports can help you cut down on manual entry by using a template that has already been generated for you.

Work Companion App

This app lets technicians (Full Users or Mobile) review their assigned work, update information, and complete orders.

Tire Tracking

Helps you better understand the usage and history of fleet tires while ensuring the safety of technicians, drivers, and equipment out on the road by monitoring tire usage, age, and repair history.

BI Reports

Learn how to create reports and dashboards, define permissions, and schedule a report.