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2024 January Eptura Asset Product Release

January's release includes:

General Maintenance

Released January 18th 

  • Transfer - A few transfers failed and this has been fixed.
  • Inventory - Part history now displays when you change from Non-Stocked to Stocked.
  • GeoTab Connector - The sync history contained bad rows in the mappings table; this issue has been fixed and the sync is successfully working.
  • Work Orders - The work order’s list view was returning duplicates and this issue is now resolved.

General Maintenance

Released January 4th

  • Asset Details - The Current Log Value KPI now displays the log value based on the post date. Also, the KPI will now convert correctly when you change from metric to imperial.

  • API - Get PartsAudit now returns the part key/id for the part added to the vendor.

  • Notify

    • This is now generating the due schedules.

    • The due schedules were generating 6 hours early and this has been fixed.

  • Work Orders - The work orders' log entry field now will not create duplicates.

  • Inventory Bins - When you add a Bin and its Bin ID is now displays correctly.

  • Reports - The Work Order Summary report now applies the timezone correctly when you change the date filter.