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Add Notes to a Work Request

You can add notes to your work request and these can be:

  • Internal Note - this note will stay internal and a notification will be sent to the individuals assigned to the work request.
  • Public Note - this note will be public and a notification will be sent to all individuals involved, including the work requester.


  1. Navigate to Request.
  2. Double-click a work request to open it.
  3. Click on either the New New Internal Note button or a New Public Note button. The note dialog displays.
  4. In the description field, enter the note.
  5. Click the Add Note button. The note is added.
  6. Click the Complete button and this will save the note to your Work Order Request.

For the note you want to delete, click the Delete clipboard_ece96ddde0e033cba22c1cc2a73787146.png icon.

Add note.gif