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Cycle Counts Overview Video

Cycle Counts allows you to audit the Inventory levels you already have on hand. 

  • If your physical inventory is lower than what the Inventory shows, the cycle count will decrease your stock numbers.
  • If you physical inventory is more than what the Inventory shows, a cycle count will increase those stocking levels without creating a new expenditure (as you have previously spent funds to acquire the parts).  Any increase on a cycle Count, will add to your inventory value, without creating  a new expenditure.  

Cycle Counts allows you the freedom to either perform a complete inventory audit (where all operations cease at a facility while every Inventory item is counted), OR you can perform Cycle Counts in smaller increments. These options include:

  • Bin Location Only - Create a Cycle Count using only Bin Locations and no additional filters.
  • High Cost Per Item - Create a count list for high-cost parts by setting a minimum part cost.
  • Inventory Shortages - Count parts with qualities below their minimum stocking level.
  • Not Recently - Count parts that have not been counted since a selected date.
  • Part Type - Count parts based on a specific Part Type.
  • I want to pick specific pars on the cycle count itself

Watch the Video

This video focuses on auditing your inventory stocking levels in mass, through Cycle Counts.  

Video Length: 8:00